One of the best things about my hobby-job is that I get to meet extraordinary people. Some of them are victims of circumstances, some of them are survivors of circumstances, and some are just plain brave. Then you meet a girl like Sanet Basson, and you are not sure where she fits in because she ticks all of these boxes.

You can, however, immediately tell that she has the soul of a giant. That she will one day be so much more than anybody would ever expect her to be and that she is the kind of woman, although only seventeen years old, that will write her own story. Let me tell you, that story is going to be extraordinary.

Sanet was placed in foster care when she was just a baby. She remembers most of that life as being good. But then, at age twelve, it all changed and after two years of not-so-good memories, Sanet was placed in Abraham Kriel Children’s Home where she has been living for the past four years. She speaks fondly of her house-mom but admits that life in a children’s home is not always easy.

About two years ago Sanet felt a lump in her neck. The lump was diagnosed as a Branchial Cleft Cyst. Not life-threatening, but not something you can just leave either. It needs to be drained, can cause infections, and worst-case scenario, can later develop into a cancerous tumour.

Abraham Kriel Children’s home reached out to Jacaranda FM and Good Morning Angels to assist in paying for the surgery to remove the cyst, and of course, Martin, Diane and the GMA team came through for her. They donated R10 000 towards the surgery. Retha Ingenbleeck also got involved and, on behalf of the Spar Women’s Virtual Challenge, sponsored another R73 000.

This, however, was still not enough so Operation Healing Hands came on board to assist with the shortfall because getting people and institutions involved in changing lives for free (or at a very reduced cost) is what they do best.

Together with the fantastic team of Life Groenkloof, the surgery was performed on 13 August 2020. It took some planning as COVID-19 is still very much interfering with available hospital beds and schedules. Luckily the surgery could take place just in time for Sanet to be ready to rock her matric exam. Rumour has it that she is expected to do quite well.

When she told me about her plans to go study Business Management at UP next year I, in all my wisdom, said to her that when you want something bad enough, the universe will conspire to give it to you. Sanet, however, is not a lady who waits for the universe or anyone else to make things happen for her thank you very much. With hard work and good marks, she is writing her own story – a story where she will be studying towards a fantastic future – with a full bursary.

Like I said. I meet a lot of extraordinary people. Some, however, are just a little bit more extraordinary than others. Go conquer the world Sanet. You are enough!

Article by Yolande Strauss
(Edited by Magriet stander)

*A special thank you to Life Groenkloof for treating Sanet like a princess and for inviting me into your world for a day to see the wonderful things you do on a daily basis. Thank you also to medical sponsor Medtronic!