When you live with so much pain that you are unable to perform basic daily tasks, your outlook in life becomes bleak. Mrs Maria Naude was one such individual. She did not only have to deal with immense pain every day but also had to carry the emotional baggage of the concerns that came with her condition.

Maria had been waiting for hip replacement surgery for a very long time when Operation Healing Hands came to her rescue in July 2019. Maria’s hip replacement surgery formed part of OHH’s Mandela Month Campaign. Mandela month, of course, the period around former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday during which we honour his legacy by trying to help as many people as possible.

Maria’s surgery was performed at Life Faerie Glen Hospital, and her gratitude knows no end. Even though such a big operation can be quite traumatic, Maria said that she would have gladly hopped, skipped and jumped for joy when leaving the hospital, if she only could. She went home with, not only a new hip but a new hope.

Since her surgery, Maria’s quality of life has dramatically improved – thanks to OHH and their partners. After recovering from her hip-replacement surgery, she can not only work and live pain-free, but she has a renewed positivity that she wishes to share with everyone she meets. Paying it forward, the OHH way!

Article by Magriet Stander


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