For the second year in a row, professional medical indemnity provider, EthiQal, made a financial contribution to OHH, enabling the life-enhancing surgeries in Mandela Month.

EthiQal provides professional, affordable medical indemnity insurance that protects doctors against allegations of wrongful practices and when preventable errors have occurred. EthiQal is a pioneer of fair dispute resolution, offering the only real occurrence-based cover protected by SA laws and regulations. EthiQal is a division of Constantia Insurance Company, which has over 68 years of experience in the insurance industry.

“Dr Basson approached us last year to join this heart-warming initiative and we are pleased that we can continue to offer our assistance,” says Alex Brownlee, Executive at EthiQal. “OHH is a much-needed cause in this country and its dedication to changing lives for the better runs parallel to our commitment to preserving and protecting the highest level of quality medical care in South Africa. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the number of surgeries that have been performed this year, we are pleased that our contribution will enable further surgeries to take place during Mandela Month.”

“This year has been one of unprecedented times, where our world has been turned upside down. Suddenly every company and every individual went into survival mode and those who were suffering prior to the pandemic, were often left to suffer even more due to funds being distributed to COVID-related needs,” says Dr Helené Basson. “To find a company still willing to help despite being under the immense pressure that 2020 has dislodged on us is rare. I want to deeply thank EthiQal on behalf of OHH and our patients, for their dedication to making a difference in difficult times and for setting the example of what it means to lead. We are proud to be associated with EthiQal and we will continue to do what we can for those who need us most.”

Article released by:
Constantia Insurance/EthiQal
Jo Lennert